• Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) system is the 21st century approach to modern retail operations.
  • ESL boasts the integration of powerful hardware with intelligent software to seamlessly blend all their sales channels – both online and offline – and hold flash sales or promotions with ease.
  • ESL system allows retailers to dynamically update prices across channels and networks, instantly and simultaneously, with just a click of a button.

A recent retail revolution that has rocked the industry lately is known as Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL) system, a platform of price management system which boasts powerful shelving hardware with intelligent software backboned on IoT (Internet of Things).

At first glance, ESL system – easily recognizable by its rows of electronic price tags neatly affixed to store shelves – looks like ordinary digital easels not dissimilar to electronic billboards we see on places like Times Square or any of those digital outdoor advertising. However, ESL system, in addition to allowing retailers to dynamically display price, barcode, promotion or any other shoppers-relevant information, goes much deeper than just displaying front-facing information on the shelves.

The biggest benefit to ESL is that it gives retailers the ability to control pricing in real-time. With such capability, retailers can hold simultaneous instant sales or flash sales promotions which involve hundreds or even thousands of SKUs, and combine this with their online or virtual initiatives; potentially drawing in many more shoppers than any one sales channel (offline only or online only) can achieve.

ESL allows retailers to instantly and simultaneously update prices across their channels at a touch of a button

A seamless integration between your online and offline presence works to bring you closer to an omnichannel business model, where you get to meet your customers in multiple channels and platforms – and take their order wherever and however they want to give it.  

Further, ESL can also be combined with a host of other critical retail applications, such as low-inventory or date-sensitive (expiring products) alert system that notifies staff or sends notifications directly to the back office, allowing you to focus on certain products and reduce wastage or boost sales.

Evo Smart Retail Solutions – A Comprehensive Solutions Ecosystem

Evo Smart Retail Solutions is designed to work with existing store infrastructures and platforms, saving you huge capital costs and investments. Since we are a systems integrator-cum-software house and not a hardware manufacturer, we can work with many different brands and software systems and integrate them into a single system controllable via a personalized, central console. You can even choose to buy your own devices that suit your budget best and we can make it work just as well!  

Combined with our other smart retail solutions, such as heatmap and people counter analytics, the ESL platform can comprise a powerful and indispensable part of your store’s ecosystem, giving you unprecedented control over pricing, inventory and data, while at the same time relaying granular information about an item’s performance and customers’ in-store behavior. This system can even be designed to interact directly with customers, on the shelves, and provide enhanced buying experience.

ESL units come in various sizes and capabilities (such as splash- or waterproof) and are equipped with tri-color e-ink that lasts for up to 5 years on batteries

Here are some of the major benefits of ESL system:

  • Cut costs – Resetting shelves used to take loads of people and time. Now, with just a click of a button you can instantly and effortlessly update prices on all your networks, taking just 5 minutes or less.
  • Better supply chain management – With low-inventory alert system built right into ESL units and on the shelves, you can accurately restock shelves and avoid over-ordering items.
  • Accurate pricing – Changing or updating prices are rife with human errors. With ESL system, you control all pricing aspects via a central console, reducing human errors and increasing customers satisfaction.
  • Invaluable in-store intelligence – ESL system can be tied to POS (Point-of-Sales) terminals or even designed to interact directly with customers, yielding previously untapped sales data.


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