• Understand your customers’ in-store behavior with our powerful heatmap analytics that visualizes the “hot” and “cold” areas in your store.
  • Heatmaps use regular CCTVs and does not require thermal imaging or any other specialized cameras.
  • Heatmaps software can be combined with other smart retail solutions such as people counter, electronic shelf labelling (ESL) system and inventory management system that sends out low inventory alert notifications from the front-facing shelves onto the back office.

It looks like a science-fiction footage. Images of people huddled together within an area of a store, their presence marked by reddish-orange blob that represent their body heat; a stark contrast from the rest of the store area which remains cold and bluish in color, a vast, empty area, unfrequented by visitors.

No, this isn’t a footage from the newest “Predator” movie. Instead, you are looking at the daily / hourly report of our Evo Smart Retail Solutions Heatmap In-Store Analytics that allows you to capture and collect your visitors’ movements within the store, collate and crunch these data, and then produce a visualized heatmap report that anyone can decipher within an instant.

In it, you’ll immediately see the areas in your store that visitors are most attracted to, what they search for and what motivates them to buy. This powerful insight also allows you to understand how your overall space is performing and which product line or zone attracts the attention of buyers the most, so you can promptly adjust your retail strategy and improve the aspects that lead people to the final purchase stage.

Heatmap analytics pull data (footage) from regular CCTVs and collate the data to return a visualized representation of your visitors in the store

Low Cost, High Impact

So how much would such a sophisticated system like this cost your business? How many thermal-imaging or infrared cameras do you have to install in the store? How long would integrating these specialized cameras onto your store ecosystem take?

If the answer seems daunting, think again.

Thanks to the power of IoT (Internet of Things), heat map analytics can now be implemented in virtually any retail store already having standard CCTV infrastructure. Heat map analytics works by tracking the number of visitors coming in and out of a particular area (set parameter) and following them, in real-time, their paths throughout the store and duration of time spent at each aisle or pre-defined spot.

The heatmap image is generated by multiple cameras tracking these visitors using regular cameras in the store; it is not thermal or Wi-Fi-dependent.

Evo Heatmap Solutions takes real-time video footage from the cameras in stores and analyzes the data (movements of customers) to reveal which area(s) is/are frequented the most and, most importantly, the amount of time customers spend at a particular spot (dwell time). Our software’s algorithm then returns “hot” and “cold” colors visualization to make it easy for viewers to decipher: warmer colors represent areas where people linger longer, while areas with little to no movements will return cooler colors.

Here are some basic reasons to utilize heatmap analytics for your operation:

  1. Optimize Store Layout – Max out your retail space by identifying hot and cold areas in your store and accordingly adjust your product placements, lighting and positioning of shelves and POPs. Unlock additional sales potential!
  2. Provide Better Customer Service – Combined with our people counter solutions, map out the busy areas in your store or hours and allocate staff and customer support accordingly.
  3. Loss Prevention – When combined with your already existing security system in the store, we can create an algorithm that helps prevent theft, shrinkage and other losses.
  4. Plan Better – Our heatmap analytics, combined with our other solutions, can assist you in all stages of planning, from products placement and ordering to staff scheduling to marketing campaigns and executions. Delist unattractive products from your shelves, plan holiday season workforce distribution and experiment with new products launch placed in different areas of your store.

Whether you are setting up a new retail business or planning to scale up an existing one, heat map analytics is a powerful tool to have. It is the smart solution of the 21st century that can give you an edge over your competitors. Inquire today to learn how you can benefit from Evo Smart Retail Solutions!