• People counter analytics reveal hidden, micro data that tells you how many people visit your store at any given time, day or season so you can assign resources accordingly.
  • Combine people counting software with other analytics such as heat maps and staff detection to gain even more powerful insights.
  • Our people counter software works with a wide variety of devices, existing infrastructure and platforms. No need to spend billions in upfront capital costs to get going!

Thanks to modern technologies, retail stores can now do and achieve so much more than years past. There are a slew of analytics, business intelligence tools and automation software that can help retailers understand their space better and respond accordingly. One of the tools that is gaining rapid popularity among retail operators is known as the people counting software, an analytics that can track the number of people coming in and out of a store, using regular CCTVs – yes, regular, existing store CCTVs, although specialized counting beacons are also available.

People counting software works by analyzing the movements and footfall traffic pulled from CCTV data (footage) within a pre-defined area

A Visualized Shopper Insight

Also known as footfall counting, visitor counting, customer counting or door counting, people counting software uses an array of “beacons” or specialized electronic devices installed on the store’s premises that track and measure people’s movement that pass through a certain passage or entrance or any set parameter. These beacons are traditionally called a people counter or footfall counter, but advancement in IoT technology has made possible people counting algorithm to be baked directly onto existing store infrastructure, namely CCTV.

The information provided by people counting software is undoubtedly very powerful. It reveals micro data such as foot traffic at a specific space and whether that space is attracting any foot traffic at all and even the length of time customers spend at a particular spot.

With such information, retailers can then fine tune or improve their POP efforts to try to balance out how their space is performing.

Powerful Insights, Simple Installation

Evo Smart Retail Solutions offer an all-in-one retail tool that includes people counting, heat mapping and automation capabilities, in addition to smart retail applications such as smart electronic shelf system and various in-store analytics. As a 100% Indonesian-based software house-cum-systems integrator, we own all the intellectual property rights and technical knowledge of our products, ensuring support for years to come after initial installation.

Our solutions work by collecting multiple data sets including, but not limited to, people counter, heat maps and POS sales data and crunches them all into visualized data beautifully presented on a custom-built digital dashboard.

Our people counter solutions can even be outfitted with “staff detection” feature that automatically recognize and track staff members’ movements within the premise, and can easily be supplemented with thermal or infrared counter to reveal a “heat map” in your store.

Our sophisticated algorithm can differentiate between adult and children (height measurement and filtering) as well as shadows, so that they do not affect count accuracy.

Installation is quick, simple and can be completed within a week’s time at most (in most cases we can complete installations in as little as two days’ time) and covers a wide, large area such as warehouse or stock room. The data that our people-counting solution will reveal is extremely useful for all stages of retail planning, from front-line activities to setting overall store strategy. Call today to schedule a visit and see how our Evo Smart Retail Solutions can help your business save costs and reveal hidden earnings potential!


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